Want to get the perfect holiday gift for grandma and grandpa this year?

Look no further than a Gift Certificate from Tech Tutors. We’ll teach them how to text, video call, get on Facebook or Pinterest (imagine all the cookies), and whatever else they want.

Give a gift to your spouse that says, “I know you have no idea what you’re doing, and it’s not OK.”

Give them a Tech Tutors Gift Certificate, and we’ll show them how to organize their schedule with a calendar and task list, pay bills online, organize and backup photos, and more.

Are your kids asking you technology questions that sound like gibberish?

Stop faking answers and give them a Tech Tutors Gift Certificate. We’ll do our best to teach them web design, photo or music editing, or whatever else their little hearts desire.

Gift Certificate Details

Tech Tutors Gift Certificates can be used to pay for either in-person or remote sessions. They can be purchased for any amount between $10 and $1,000. When you purchase a gift certificate, you’re given a code that you can give to whomever you wish. They can use this code during payment to look up and apply their gift certificate. For more details visit our Gift Certificate page, or give us a call at 424-259-1814.

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