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Technology Training for Seniors

Learn all about the basics of using and maintaining computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Learning to use new technology is a challenge for all of us. This can be especially true for many seniors who may have put off getting a computer or smartphone until recently. For these seniors, one or two hours of help from a tech-savvy family member might not be enough to get them comfortable using their computer or phone.

That's where Tech Tutors comes in. Tech Tutors offers a series of 1-on-1, in-person lessons specifically designed to build a rock-solid foundation for new computer, smartphone, and tablet users.

At Tech Tutors, we understand that new technology doesn't really come with a user's manual. We also understand that there are many skills the average tech user takes for granted that can seem mystifying to a tech neophyte. All our Certified Tech Tutors understand these challenges and have been trained to identify and work through these difficult areas with new tech users.

When learning a new skill, repetition is key!

That's why every Tech Tutors lesson comes with a printed lesson book, so you have something to review after the session is over. Each lesson book contains exercises, vocabulary, annotated screen shots, and helpful tips.

A Certified Tech Tutor will meet you at your home, office, a coffee shop, library, or wherever is convenient for you! Get your questions answered and learn using your own computer, smartphone, or tablet.

For information on how to save up to 20% on your first order, call (424)259-1814 and be sure to mention basic lessons for seniors.

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1 Hour Satisfaction Guarantee

Try out Tech Tutors, and if you're not completely satisfied with your first hour, it's free.


"Working with Tech Tutors made me more comfortable using a computer on my own. I really appreciated my tutor's time and patience during our lessons. I used to dread using technology, but now I really enjoy it!"

Shelley A. - Brentwood, Los Angeles

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Technology lessons make a great gift for parents and grandparents!
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