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Remote Online Tech Support

Get computer help whenever you need it

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2. Tell us what's up

Please briefly describe what kind of computer or device you need help with, and what you're trying to accomplish.

For example, "I need help saving pictures from my digital camera to my iMac."


3. Get some help

Head over the the Remote Support Center to get connected with a Certified Tech Tutor.

The Details

When can I get remote help?

If there are remote support specialists online, you can choose to be helped by the next available specialist. Otherwise, you can always make an appointment, and we'll call you. Visit the Remote Support Center for more info.

How are sessions performed?

If it's a simple task, a phone call may be enough. However, for longer or more compliated sessions, we can remote in to your computer. For this, we recommend installing Team Viewer (it's free!). This allows us to see your screen and offer more efficient help.

What about payment?

Enter your payment info before the session, and your card is charged after the session is over. Don't worry, if you're not completely satisfed, we won't charge you, guaranteed.


With Tech Tutors Remote Sessions, you only pay for the time you need.
There are No Subscription Fees!

Session TypeBase PricePer Minute
Basic sessions cover introductory computer and smart phone skills such as how to install an app, scan for viruses, check email, and use Facebook.
Business sessions cover computer skills for small business owners like how to advertise in search results or on Facebook, how to use Quickbooks, and how to buy and manage a web site.
Professional sessions cover things like web development, sound and video editing, Photoshop, and other Creative Cloud programs.

Sessions start out at the base price, and you're charged by the minute after that.
For example, a 45 minute session would be $29.19.
(Base rate of $3.99 + $0.56 x 45 minutes)

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